When your computer is not running properly, you can feel like throwing out your computer.  Before you do, please take a look at these sites, install and use the appropriate tools, then see how well it works.  Personally I have found each of these packages to be extremely effective is solving the issues that keep your computer from working properly.

When your computer is running slowly, follow these steps.  The programs mentioned are available under Recommended Sites.

  1. Verify that you do not have a Proxy Server setup.  In Internet Explorer under Tools, Internet Options, select Connections then LAN Settings.  Make sure that the Proxy Server is not selected unless it is required.
  2. Download and Install Ad-Aware
  3. Update Ad-Aware Definitions
  4. Download and Install SpyBot
  5. Update SpyBot Definitions
  6. Download updates to your Anti-Virus software
  7. Download and Install Anti-Malware
  8. Update Anti-Malware Definitions
  9. Disconnect your computer from the Internet
  10. Reboot your computer while it is disconnected from the Internet
  11. Scan your computer with Ad-Aware, fixing all issues found
  12. Scan your computer with SpyBot, fixing all issues found
  13. Scan your computer with Anti-Malware, fixing all issues found
  14. Scan your computer with your Anti-Virus software, fixing all issues found
  15. If you find issues in steps 10 through 13, repeat the steps until they come back with no issues found
  16. Reboot your computer
  17. Connect your computer to the Internet
  18. Scan your computer using HouseCall, fixing all issues found
  19. If necessary, reboot your computer
  20. Run Windows Update, installing all updates, both critical and recommended

When you have completed these steps, if your computer is still running slowly, run the following programs

  1. Trojan Hunter
  2. Tweaking.com's Windows Repair

At that point, your computer will usually be running fine.  If not, you may want to repeat the steps.  Often repeating the steps will find additional items.

If you cannot resolve your computer issues on your own, please contact our company, HELPsperts.com.  We would love to help you resolve these issues.