While fixing your computer is very important, sometimes the computer is working fine and you need something else.  This page is dedicated to helping you make your computer as useful as possible.

Need to keep notes on your Android phone, home computer, and other computers?  Evernote is a simple notekeeping app and software package that will keep your notes available on your phone, computer, and store the information on the Internet.

Need to backup your information?  Need to share information with another person?  Dropbox is a file storing app and software package that will make your files available on your cell phone, computer, and Internet.  Dropbox allows you to store up to 2 Gb of files, and share folders with other Dropbox customers.

Do you need to talk with someone in another country?  What about someone that has a computer.  Skype is one of the best providers of free and low cost voice communications.  You can also do video calls if you choose to.

Not interested in computer to computer communications and have a high speed Internet connection?  Take a look at Vonage.  This company provides Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications at a fixed monthly cost to anywhere in the United States and low per minute and monthly rates to other countries.  This service allows you to have more than one line in addition to your current telephone line.

Have you ever wished you could read your voicemails?  Take a look at SimulScribe.com.  They work with almost every mobile phone company and many company telephone systems and automatically convert voicemails to e-mails.

If you need to access your computer from another computer, one of the best companies we have found is LogMeIn.  They offer plans for many different user levels, from free to paid.

Do you want to setup a website?  Need a domain name?  We host our sites at 1and1.com.  Their rates are reasonable and they provide excellent customer service.