These sites provide software used for fixing your computer.

Anti-Malware - MalwareBytes Anti-Malware software - Free, works in conjunction with your Anti-Virus software

SpyBot - Anti-Spyware software - Free, they ask for a donation

HouseCall - Trend Micro's online scanner - Scans your computer for free

Trojan Hunter - Anti-Trojan Horse Software - Free trial version's Windows Repair - Windows repair tool - Free repairs

Registry Mechanic - Reviews and fixes issues in your registry - free scan

Anti-Virus Software Companies:

  • Avast - Free anti-virus package for home use and reasonably priced business use package
  • F-Prot - FProtect Low cost Anti-Virus software - If you have more than 1 computer, take a look at this software as an option for all of your computers
  • Norton/Symantec - Free trial version - contains removal tools for most viruses.  If you know what virus you have, you should be able to find a specific removal tool here even if you do not use Norton or Symantec Anti-Virus software.
  • McAfee - Free trial version
  • TrendMicro - Free online scanner and trial version

Windows Update - You can click on Windows Update from your Start button or go to this site.  This will provide you with all of the Windows Updates.

If you know of other sites that should be added to this list, please send your recommendations to us at support@FixMyComputers